Globe 3975NF Heavy-Duty Auto Frozen Meat Slicer, 9 Speed

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 Globe 3975NF  Heavy-Duty Auto Frozen Meat Slicer, 9 Speed

Frozen Meat Slicer – Great for Mongolian BBQ,
Carne Asada, Shabu Shabu or Hot Pot

Are you looking for a meat and cheese slicer that will improve product yield, provide superior sanitation and cleanability, and one that is proven to be the best for reliable performance? If the answer is yes, then Globe’s NEW N-Series premium slicers are the best choice for you!

All of our premium slicers include:

  • 13 PreciseEdge™ Knife – Holds a sharp cutting edge better and longer than stainless steel
  • Premium Gear Drive System – Slices difficult product like cheese with extreme ease
  • EZ-Glide™ Adjustable Slicing Table – Specifically designed to reduce friction resulting in a smooth gliding stroke
  • Precision Gear Slice Thickness Adjustment – Ensures consistent slices resulting in reduced waste, higher product yield and increased profits
  • Open Space Base Design – Expanded area around the knife simplifies cleaning, which facilitates a quick and easy process 
  • Stainless Steel Construction – With this ideal food prep surface, effective sanitation is easily achieved
  • Simple Sharpening System – Easy access and perfect sharpening alignment are the result of Globe’s one-step sharpener 




Premium Construction

  • 13” PreciseEdge™ hardened steel alloy knife blade with maximums tip-edge-holding ability
  • Exclusive stainless steel construction, with superior corrosion resistance against acids found in fruit, meats and vegetables
  • Best of the Best, EZ-Glide™ table
  • No-drip base with Marine edge redirects liquids to center of base away from controls and operator Precise slice-thickness adjustment, one-piece handle, gear driven, and gasket-sealed
  • Carriage angle: 45°, full gravity feed
  • 2° angled drip groove on the slicer table
    directs the flow of liquids to the base
  • 12” long chute with 3 lb. stainless steel end weight
  • Powerful 1/2 HP, 7 amp continuous use motor
  • High-performance gear knife drive
  • Maintenance-free drive system
  • Permanently attached knife ring guard with removable slice deflector


Food Zone Features

  • Large stainless steel radii, open space base design for cleaning and simple dismantling of components
  • Base has a Marine edge from 1/2” to 3/4” wide and indented areas with 3/16” deep radiused transition and 3/16” deep internal coved corners. Both are integral to the base’s work surface
  • Knife sharpening system is removable and BPA Free (no-bisphenol-A), immersible, and dishmachine-safe for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Moisture proof, easy-to-clean direct contact start/stop touchpad controls
  • Sealed splash zones for added sanitation and protection of electronics

Operator Protection Features

  • No voltage release prevents inadvertent reactivation of slicer in the event of power or interlock interruption
  • Knife cover interlock prevents slicer from operating without the knife cover in place
  • Permanent knife blade ring guard, removable cover, and deflector.
  • Touch pad start/stop controls and power indicator light
  • Ergonomic low-profile design reduces operator fatigue
  • Dual arm lift lever for cleaning and sanitizing under the slicer


  • 15 years on the knife drive gears
  • Two-years parts
  • One-year labor

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