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Henny Penny Smart Combi Oven

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Short Description: Henny Penny SmartCombi combi ovens use moist heat and dry heat,either separately or in combination, to produce the ideal cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods.

SmartCombi ESC/GSC-215 with capacity of 20 full-size steam table pans or 20 Crosswise Plus pans and grids

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Electric Connected Load: 32.7 kW
Gas Output: 123000 BTU/hr
Connection: R 3/4 in. NPT external

Water connections
3/4 in. standard cold water connection
3/4 in. soft water connection
2 in. (50 mm) drain

Pan capacity
• 20 full-size 2 1/2 in. (65 mm) steam table pans crosswise
• 20 Crosswise Plus pans and grids
• 6 standard 6-chicken grids crosswise, 36 chickens per load
• 12 half-size Crosswise Plus 6-chicken grids, 2 per rail, 72 chickens per load

Continuing product improvement may subject specifications to change without notice.
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  • Patented Advanced Steam
    Technology™ for effective steam
    generation without boilers.
  • ClimaSelect climate control allows
    operator to select any humidity
    level between 0% and 100%.
  • ClimaMonitor automatically
    measures and maintains selected
    humidity level.
  • Digital control panel features easyto-
    read LED displays and icons.
  • Manual or automatic cooking:
  • Create and save up to 99 9-step
    custom cooking programs.
  • Select food category from
    SmartMenu™pictogram, then
    choose preset cooking program.
  • Select and/or change individual
    parameters during cooking.
  • Simple CombiDial control: rotate to
    select, push to confirm and start.
  • Temperature displayed in °F or °C.
  • Multi-sensor core temperature
    probe for automatic probe cooking.
  • Choose language for operations
    and service diagnostics programs.
  • Auto-reverse fan for fast, even
    cooking throughout the cabinet.
  • Variable fan speed function for
    high quality baking, rethermalizing
    and banquet cooking.
  • Delayed start and preheat/cool
    down button.
  • USB port enables simple download
    of programs, diagnostic messages
    or HACCP data.
  • Filterless grease extraction.
  • Retractable spray hose for quick,
    easy rinsing of interior.
  • Roll-in mobile oven rack.
  • WaveClean™ self-cleaning system
    significantly reduces water and
    detergent consumption.
  • Interior cabinet of corrosion resistant
    chrome-nickel stainless steel.
  • Exterior made from 1 mm chromenickel
    stainless steel.
  • Two-stage safety door lock.
  • Full perimeter door seal.
  • Energy efficient triple-pane glass.

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