The Hess Slicer Reconditioning Process


The pictures below show you the hess process for reconditioning a Berkel slicer.

Remove automatic portion from slicer. Replace automatic belts. Inspect anchor arms and drive arm assembly, shift lever, detent plate, high and low speed rods. After these inspections are made, parts that are out of tolerance are replaced and re-aligned. All adjustments are made to factory specs. This slicer also had the motor replaced.

Inspection of top portion of auto slicer consists of always replacing the end pusher bushings and carriage bushings. Drive belt is also replaced. Inspection of index assembly is performed, thickness gauge is adjusted. Stones are replaced, sharpener is adjusted to blade size. The blade size is determined and replaced if out of factory tolerance. All functions are thoroughly tested by a supervisor. The machine then has the necessary safety stickers attached. The last step for the machine is to be cleaned, polished and lubricated.

Safety training and slicer training is provided, along with an operator’s manual. We can also provide safety gloves and slicer cleaning brushes.

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