Response to COVID-19


What’s next for the food industry? No one knows. But we do know that it is our job at Hess Meat Machines to help alleviate some of that uncertainty by providing solutions to help you meet industry and safety requirements in this new normal. Some of these solutions come in the form of innovative equipment; some come by simply ensuring your vital equipment is running efficiently at this crucial time.

While our clients navigate reinvention, we are here to support you with customized solutions. Below are just a few ways we can help. For a free consultation regarding your unique needs, please contact us.

  • Technology: Smart retailers are adapting new processes to improve efficiencies in order delivery and pickup, Instacart shopping, tracking for safety re-call, and inventory/shrink tracing. Hess has solutions for all of this that utilize counter scales and highly customized software.  For example, some of our technology programs can actually integrate with customer apps for online ordering; the deli receives the order via the counter scale, reducing unnecessary steps and contact.
  • Back Room Deli: Let us help you improve efficiencies around cleaning, labor, and consumable usage. Examples include self-clean rotisseries, use of filter powder to extend the life of fryer oil, and evaluating cooking programs for equipment optimization.
  • Meat Room Packaging: Hess can evaluate your current meat volume and labor involved in filling self-service cases to offer customized wrapping and labeling solutions. This could include automatic wrapping and semi-automatic wrapping systems such as Mettler Toledo solutions. Less touch means less germs for both you and your customers!
  • Meat Room Prep: Let’s discuss how to improve your current procedures around signature products, such as made-in-house sausages, patties, and ready-to- cook options.  For example, is a link machine or hand linking a better option for your situation? How are you currently creating sausages and forming patties? Reducing the number of humans involved in production makes the product safer for the consumer.
  • Hot and Cold Food Bars/Merchandising: Consumers will continue to be cautious. How are you responding? Hess is here to update or modify your current hot and cold food bars. Solutions include retrofitting current cases or mobile solutions for individually wrapped hot and cold grab-and-go items. Our goal is to help you maintain your product offerings (and expectations of customers) and meet updated guidelines.

Most importantly, we are here to provide you with top-tier service, supplies, and support to prevent equipment downtime. And our top priority is still protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees. To do our part to keep Hess and our customers safe, we are:

  • Offering preventive maintenance and/or break-fix during off hours to keep your equipment in running order
  • Reducing fees for virtual training through Zoom or video call for you and your staff to ensure equipment is being operated properly
  • Accepting visitors by appointment only – appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance as in-office staff is kept to a minimum at this time
  • Sanitizing equipment after each appointment
  • Requiring employees and visitors to wear face masks

If you have questions please call 1-800-572-4728.

We remain dedicated to being your trusted partner, especially during tough times like these. We see it as our job to help you solve your most pressing problems in this new environment, and look forward to talking soon.

Best wishes,

Rachel Herren

President, Hess Meat Machines