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Fri-Jado 3-Level Multi-deck Display

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Short Description: Multi Deck Premium 3-level Display Heated grab-and-go display warmer with 3 presentation levels and a width of 60, 100 or 120 cm.

The Fri-Jado heated 3-level Multi Deck Display triggers your customers to pick up hot grab-and-go products in a quick and convenient way, anywhere in the store. And thanks to its upright design, it only uses limited floor space.


Multi Deck Premium 3-level

  • Self serve heated Multi Deck display, 60/100/120 cm wide
  • Attractive presentation that boosts impulse sales
  • Patented Hot Blanket holding technology keeps products warm
  • Customizable price strips
  • Illuminated, customizable top banner
  • Safety lighting on each level


Clear product view

Large, transparent side panels provide a 180-degree product view. The appealing design creates an attractive product presentation, which is sure to boost impulse sales.

Thanks to its limited height, the Multi Deck 3-level can easily be used at an aisle end or integrated in your deli department without blocking your customer’s view. For easy operator access, a pass-through version with flap doors on the operator side is available.

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