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FriJado Hot Island 2-Level

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Short Description: The island merchandiser that truly keeps your products warmThe Hot Island's unique Hot Blanket holding technology controls food safety. Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates over the shelf surface. Your products are completely surrounded by a blanket of hot air, ensuring an even holding temperature. Hot products stay warm at 65 degrees Celsius for at least 4 hours, while retaining superior product quality.


Hot Island 2-level

  • Self serve heated island merchandiser, 2-level
  • 360-degree product view that boosts impulse sales
  • Patented Hot Blanket holding technology keeps your products warm
  • Side windows can be opened for easy cleaning
  • Customizable price strips


Clear product view

Large glass side panels and ceiling provide a full 360-degree product view. The appealing transparent design of this grab-and-go display warmer creates an attractive product presentation that is sure to boost impulse sales.

Easy to clean

The side windows of the Hot Island can be opened for easy access during cleaning.

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