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Mettler Toledo 865 Semi-Automatic Wrapper

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The METTLER TOLEDO 865 Semi-Automatic Wrapper is the perfect choice for grocery retailers looking for the efficiency of automatic weighing and wrapping, and the flexibility of manual label placement. This robust semi-automatic system is intuitive and easy to use, even for first time operators. Step-by-step on-screen prompts guide users through simple tasks, such as changing the roll of film and daily cleaning routines. The 865 integrates seamlessly with all METTLER TOLEDO networked equipment, offering total visibility throughout your enterprise.

DescriptionAutomatic wrapping, manual labeling; Wrapping speed of 25 trays per minute
FeaturesQuality Wrapping. Flexibility. Speed. Space Saving Design.
ConfigurationExit front
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux OS; Compact Flash Memory


Quality Wrapping

Improve the packaging quality of your meat trays with the 865’s fully automatic wrapping capabilities. A single heat bar ensures the film is firmly sealed with no loose ends. Clear arrows on the machine assist operators in centering the package. The 865 is programmable to the “package level” for optimal film usage and label design.

865 Semi-Automatic Wrapper


Right side, left side, top, bottom or underneath–operators have total flexibility with manual label placement. The 865’s high-definition printer offers compliant labels with high-quality text and logos. Additionally, the 865’s out-feed table can fold up for more space to weigh and print labels for items that are too large to automatically wrap.

865 Semi-Automatic Wrapper


With automatic wrapping speeds of up to 25 packages per minute, the 865 Semi-Automatic Wrapper is the fastest semiautomatic wrapping machine in its class. Less time spent wrapping meat packages allows for more time spent fulfilling other store duties.

865 Semi-Automatic Wrapper

Space Saving Design

With a footprint of only 19 ft2, the 865 Semi-Automatic Wrapper saves space in the backroom. Operators can load and empty trays, change label rolls and change the film all from the front of the machine. Users can perform the wrapping process from start to finish ergonomically in a limited space.

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