Henny Penny Standard Heated Holding Cabinets

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900 Series Heated Holding Cabinets

Originally developed to hold large quantities of pressure-fried chicken for long periods without sacrificing freshness or presentation, Henny Penny heated holding cabinets keep practically any menu item hot and tasty until it’s ready to serve.

Dual-fan design with heavy-duty blower motors and ventilated side racks circulates hot moist air evenly throughout the cabinet for consistent results. Available countdown timers help make holding more versatile and kitchens more productive. Henny Penny holding cabinets are extremely energy-efficient with fully insulated cabinets and self-closing, tight-sealing doors.

  • Dual heavy-duty blower motors
  • Ventilated side racks
  • Removable air ducts for easy cleaning
  • Countdown timer (CDT) control lets operators program and track individual holding times for different items
  • Single switch start/stop/abort, manual override and power-out memory
  • Constant digital temperature display
  • Separate operating time and temperature set points
  • Sound alert signal
  • Food probe calibration
  • Standard controls feature thermostat temperature control, dial thermometer, on/off and cycle temperature lights
  • SimpleHold models feature easy to use touch pad control with LED temperature display
  • Partial pan removal for convenient loading and unloading
  • Fully insulated doors, sidewalls and control module
  • Full-perimeter door gasket
  • Self-closing, lift-off doors stay open past 90 degrees
  • Magnetic door latch and heavy-duty plated hinges
  • Standard 5″ casters (2 locking)
  • Durable, high-quality stainless steel construction, interior and exterior
  • Units with Count down Timer control; HHC 900 full-size units feature 13 independent timers, HHC 903 half-size units feature 5 independent timers, HHC 902 stacked units feature 10 independent timers
  • HHC 902 stacked holding cabinet consists of two HHC 903 half-size cabinets for double the capacity in the same footprint with two entirely separate holding environments and control sets
  • HCN 5 holding cabinets, produced in China for the Asian QSR and grocery market, feature thermostat controls and two clear acrylic flip-up panels in the front door for visibility and specific product access

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