Hess Superior Service through Generations

The Situation

Bob Snyder is the Owner of four Save-A-Lot stores around the St. Louis area. Like the leadership at Hess Meat Machines, he is a third-generation business owner, and loyalty and service are of paramount importance to him. “Hess had always taken care of us,” he shared. “When I took ownership of the stores, I knew they would continue to do so.”

The Challenge

Ask anyone in the grocery business and they will tell you that it’s difficult. “You need vendors and suppliers to give you the right price the first time, and to work with you to keep you up and running,” Snyder said.

In each of his stores, Snyder has saws, slicers, and grinders to help his meat departments stay fully stocked. If a piece of equipment goes down, he can’t put product out for customers to buy—and that directly affects his bottom line.

The Solution

Snyder can list several instances where Hess has put the viability of his business first. “When I’ve run into a problem, they’ve quickly let me use a loaner while they worked on my machine to minimize my downtime,” he shared.

Snyder recounted another instance during which Hess Meat Machines allowed him to pay for a piece of equipment in installments because of low cash flow. “They bend over backwards to help you—and that’s how I define a true partner.”

The Difference

Hess Meat Machines prioritizes relationships. “They care about my business and give me information to help propel it forward,” Snyder said. “They tell me when my equipment is getting too old to be a cost saver, and they will quickly recommend new pieces of equipment and tell me why it would be a good investment for my stores.” He notes that it isn’t about the quick sell, but it is about the long-term engagement. “They are honest, they operate with integrity, and they are easy to work with,” he said.

“ They bend over backwards to help you—and that’s how I define a true partner.”

The Results

Snyder has gotten his equipment, supplies, service, and preventative maintenance from Hess Meat Machines for over three decades. “Because they understand how my business works, they will quickly run over supplies or prioritize a repair for us,” he shared. That means Snyder is able to keep his meat departments’ shelves stocked and his customers happy. “Stock directly translates into sales and when a piece of equipment goes down, time is of the essence,” he said.

“Their preventative maintenance services keep my machines running for a long time, and when something does go wrong, they ensure I’m back up in no time. They understand that time—and product—is money in the grocery business.”

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