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SmartHold Holding Cabinet

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Short Description: The SmartHold patented automatic humidity control system links waterpan heat, fans and ventilation in a closed loop control that lets food service operators measure and maintain precise humidity levels in one-percent increments from 10 to 90% relative humidity.

SmartHold full-size holding cabinet with recessed water pan, 5-inch (127 mm) casters. Holds up to 15 full-size sheet pans.

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Height: 72 1/4 in. (1835 mm)
Width: 24 3/4 in. (628 mm)
Depth: 31 3/4 in. (806 mm)

Water Connections
3 gallon (11.4 liters) water pan, 2 gallons
(7.6 liters) for operational use.
External drain connection.

Proofing Mode: 80-140°F (27-60°C)
Normal Holding: 160-210°F (71-99°C)

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  • Durable, high-quality stainless steel construction, interior and exterior.
  • Patented closed loop humidity control
  • Easy to clean and service
  • Programmable count down timers with single switch start/stop/abort, manual override and power-out memory.
  • Constant digital humidity/temperature display.
  • Separate humidity/temperature set points.
  • Low water warning light.
  • Sound alert signal.
  • Food probe temperature display.
  • Large 3-gallon (11.4 liters) stainless steel recessed heated water pan.
  • Proofing mode.
  • Quick-response humidity generation.
  • Fully insulated doors, sidewalls and control module.
  • Self-closing, lift-off doors stay open past 90 degrees.

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