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March 2018 Issue of the HessMM Industry News (Archive)

MARCH 2018

Putting Your Business Story First

Source: Grocery Business
“One of the most important parts of the conversations you should be having with shoppers is: What is your food story? Why? It creates meaningful connections.

Fresh Meat And Plant-Based Alternatives On The Rise

Source: The Shelby Report
“Our research shows that protein continues to be a mainstay in shopping baskets, but the kind of proteins shoppers are buying is evolving,” said Colin Stewart, SVP, insights, at Acosta. “Plant-based meat alternative sales are booming and popular with vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Another trend we’re seeing with protein is that shoppers are paying more attention to labels and product claims but are overwhelmed and confused about what they mean.”

Peapod Survey Shows More At-Home Dinners Planned In 2018

Source: The Griffin Report
When asked what would make it easier to cook at home, Americans report the most valued shortcuts as ready-to-serve or cook mixes (41 percent), an example of which would be meal kits, followed closely by pre-chopped produce (38 percent). Pre-measured ingredients (34 percent) and grocery delivery (25 percent) are also perceived as adding value.

Study: Consumers not loyal to one store

Source: Supermarket News
“The vast majority of shoppers – 83% – regularly visited between four and nine chain stores over the course of a year to purchase groceries. Of the 1,321 households studied, only 12 stayed loyal to just one store.”