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APRIL 2018

Amplifying The Power Of Blockchain—What You Need To Know

Source: The Shelby Report
With the promise of fast and secure end-to-end product traceability, blockchain is easily one of the most energizing—and complex—technological developments of the past few years.

Finding The Right Fit For Prepared Foods

Source: The Shelby Report
The “proud to serve” factor
In a previous Tyson study, shoppers admitted while they understand that the deli can offer a solution when there is no dinner plan, they often opt for take-out over their grocer’s prepared foods because “nothing ever looks or sounds good.”

Brands take multifaceted approach to health and wellness

Source: Supermarket News
Healthier snacking products, cleaner ingredient labels are key areas of focus.
Mainstream CPG manufacturers are seeking to appeal to consumers’ interest in health and wellness by reformulating existing items, developing new product lines in-house and acquiring smaller specialty brands.

Culture Leads the Road to Success

Source: FMI
“There’s never been a time when people are looking for leadership more,” suggested Kevin Holt, Ahold Delhaize USA CEO. “It’s a key thing we all have to pay attention to inside our organizations and our industry.