Henny Penny

FPE-115-Primary-Image1I’m super happy that I chose Henny Penny Platinum Series Combi oven and the Henny Penny pressure deep fryer, although we will use the fryer on a limited basis this machine has such strength that we could use it all day 5 days a week and with the proper cleaning the oil stays fresh for nearly 2 weeks. Our fried chicken recipe which is simple flavoring using Amish chickens fresh and butchered cooked in under 17 minutes and showed off the chicken and seasoning rather than fat and grease.
The oven is truly a labor saver and helps rule out “human error”, with some programs installed I noticed that this piece of equipment teaches the average cook how to cook anything. I roasted game hens stuffed and they were juicy, crispy skin and flavorful after a 4 minute rest. When doing a large special seated dinner it was easy to remove our last cooked product (poached lobster and shrimp perfect) and simply place a cleaning cartridge in and the oven was finished cleaning right around the same time as dinner service. I’m truly impressed with both products and really happy I chose Hess since they our hometown business and ready to help in anyway. Thank You,


Grace Dinsmoor
Executive Chef
Whittemore House at Washington University
Catering St. Louis