Preventive Maintenance Programs

You’ve just invested a good chunk of change in some premium equipment
that is mission-critical to your operation. Don’t you want to do everything
you can to extend its life cycle?

Invest in a Hess Preventative Maintenance Plan and:

  • Save on labor
  • Increase life cycle of equipment
  • Improve sanitation and safety
  • Improve daily efficiency of equipment
  • Minimize downtime
  • Lower your total maintenance costs (by up to 25%)!
  • Learn more about equipment essentials—like proper cleaning and lubrication
  • Receive 10% savings on all parts/supplies for the machine covered under the plan
  • Receive a comprehensive report about the health of your equipment after a Preventative Maintenance Plan visit

Find out more about what a Preventative Maintenance Plan on your piece of equipment includes and
sign up today. Contact Hess Meat Machines to get started: 314-351-1751