Hess Meat Machines is a proud partner of Hollymatic Corporation! From butchers to restaurants to grocery store chains, Hollymatic's premium equipment will help you improve efficiency and productivity, save money, prioritize safety, and of course produce delicious food.

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Food Processing Equipment Since 1937

Hollymatic Corporation found initial success in the 1930's economic depression with their ingenious Super Patty Machine, which promised portion control and reliable operation. Today, their product line includes the original Mixer Grinder, bulkers, saws, portioners, processors, vacuum packaging, and more.

Hollymatic Formers & Portioners

Hollymatic Mixer Grinders

Hollymatic Processor / Marinators

Hollymatic Saws

Hollymatic Vacuum Machines

Industry knowledge, outstanding equipment

Hollymatic's industry knowledge and outstanding equipment, combined with Hess's superior service, allows customers to make the most of their equipment. Through our training programs and preventative maintenance plans, you'll ensure your new Hollymatic equipment and supplies are used properly, extending the life of your machine and improving the quality of your food.

Reach out to us today to schedule a free, no-obligation onsite evaluation.

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