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Henny Penny F5 Fryer

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Henny Penny F5 Fryer

Henny Penny designed the F5 commercial fryer to deliver the most remarkable frying experience on the market — and it’s unlike any fryer you have ever seen. The F5 is simple, not basic. Operational ease-of-use, improved training and built-in help guides create a brand new frying experience.

Features of the Henny Penny F5 Fryer
  • 7” full-color LCD touchscreen featuring 4mm-thick tempered glass with recessed display corners designed to protect edges
  • Custom, touch-and-swipe operating system; easy to read and use
  • Built-in, simple-touch express filtration in just three minutes
  • 40% less oil than a standard 50-lb. vat, same throughput
  • Integrated WiFi module plus USB support to future-proof your fryer; receive and distribute software updates and pull data remotely
  • Automatic top-off level sensors monitor oil level and add fresh oil as needed
  • Up to 99 available cooking programs
  • Heavy-duty removable stainless steel vats with 7-year warranty
  • High-limit temperature protection with integrated control feedback
  • Energy Star® rated
  • Available in full vat, split vat or combination
  • Heavy-duty basket rest removes easily for cleaning (gas)
  • Hinged elements make vat clean-out quick and easy (electric)
  • Idle and melt modes
  • Load compensation
  • Proportional control
  • Filter tracking
  • Multiple language settings
  • Auto lift automatically lowers and raises basket (optional feature)
  • Bulk oil dispose (optional feature).
  • AVERAGE ANNUAL OIL SAVINGS Per 3-vat fryer — $4,000
  • PREVENTION OF ONE SERVICE CALL — $300.  Assumes average service cost of $300; does not consider lost throughput caused by downtime

 Henny Penny F5 Fryer Brochure

 Henny Penny F5 Fryer Information Flyer

 Henny Penny F5 Fryer Datasheet

Henny Penny F5 Fryer Training Guide

Henny Penny F5 Fryer Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Henny Penny F5 Fryer Oil Management

Henny Penny F5 Fryer Food Quality & Consistency

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