5 Ways Combi Ovens Benefit Your Commercial Kitchen

Hess Meat Machines Combi Ovens

Imagine a kitchen appliance that roasts, bakes, steams, and grills with unparalleled proficiency. That’s the Henny Penny combi oven – a culinary powerhouse that can redefine your kitchen in the following ways: 

      1. Menu versatility

Commercial combi ovens, an all-in-one equipment solution, combine the capabilities of convection cooking, steaming, and grilling for an incredible range of cooking techniques in a single unit. 

High-volume kitchens can effortlessly switch between roasting tender meats, steaming vegetables to perfection, or grilling for that perfect char – all while maintaining the integrity and flavor of each dish. This versatility not only enhances your menu but also streamlines kitchen operations.

      2. Consistent output

The Chef’s Touch™ control saves hundreds of recipes, and it’s accessible by cell phone to make cooking easier than ever! The precise control over temperature and humidity in combi ovens allows for uniform cooking, ensuring every dish comes out with the same high quality. This reliability is essential in the food service industry where customers expect a consistent product.

      3. Healthy cooking options

Steaming food preserves nutrients, color, and flavor, creating dishes that are both healthy and appealing in appearance and taste. This feature is particularly beneficial for kitchens that cater to health-conscious customers or those with dietary restrictions.

      4. Optimal footprint

Space is a premium in many commercial kitchens and the combi oven’s multifunctional nature eliminates the need for steamers, grills and convection ovens, freeing up valuable kitchen space for other uses. 

      5. Cost savings

Combi ovens often cook faster and use less energy than traditional ovens. This efficiency translates into lower operational costs over time. Clean-up is also made easier and more cost-effective with its boilerless steam generation (no expensive deliming) and an automatic cleaning system that uses 36% less water.

Is a combi oven right for your kitchen?

If you’re ready to add a combi oven to your high volume kitchen, our food service consultants are well-versed in the nuances of these innovative ovens and are ready to provide you with a consultation. We’ll help you navigate the options to find the combi oven that aligns perfectly with your kitchen’s requirements and culinary aspirations.

Elevate your kitchen’s capabilities with a combi oven – contact Hess for a comprehensive consultation today.


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